2017 Ford Fusion Sedan Car

With the 2017 Ford Fusion, you get a modern sedan car that addresses all your needs. It engages you each time you get behind the wheel, yet passengers and drivers stay comfortable, even during the longest drives. Cutting-edge technologies guard against accidents, plus provide helpful conveniences. For these reasons and much more, Mont-Bleu Ford proudly offers the Ford Fusion to shoppers.

Sporty and Efficient

This Ford car drives as dynamically as it looks. When you press on the accelerator, it really moves. At the same time, you won't constantly be stopping for fuel. That balance comes from three available EcoBoost engines for the Ford Fusion. Each one combines turbocharging with direct injection, variable cam timing, and auto start-stop technology.

You get more than just power with this car. All models have an independent MacPherson strut front suspension. The design was inspired by European sports sedans, sharpening handling in any situation. At the same time, it also cuts down on road noise and vibrations.

Even when you drive on uneven roads, the electric power-assisted steering has a pull-drift compensation so you can steer straight ahead. It will even correct for strong crosswinds, making dealing with the issue comfortable and simple.

Advanced Driver Assistance

While the strong structure and airbags in the Ford Fusion help keep you safe, driver assistance technologies do even more. These systems use different sensors to monitor for dangers you might not even know exist. You can then proactively manage the situation, hopefully avoiding accidents altogether.

Adding pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection uses a camera and radar to watch for obstacles in your way. If a vehicle stops, pedestrians step into the road, etc. red lights flash on the windshield while an audible alert sounds out. If you don't hit the brakes, the system can apply them automatically.

With cross-traffic alert, radar helps you be aware of approaching vehicles as you back out of a driveway, parking spot, or anywhere else. The sensors work for up to 15 yards away, and can successfully spot a vehicle that's behind a wall, shrubs, or other obstacles. Those same radar sensors also monitor for vehicles entering your blind spots on the road, preventing an accident if you change lanes without seeing the danger.

Practical Interior

Everywhere you go, the Ford Fusion will keep you comfortable and provide helpful features. Overall, space is open so that everybody can stretch out during longer drives. The new rotary gear shift dial makes selecting gears simple. At the same time, you enjoy easier access to the front cupholders. It also makes adding a USB port possible so that you can charge devices conveniently on the go.

For the most luxury, choose the Ford Fusion Platinum. It loads the cabin with premium features, including a leather-wrapped and padded centre console lid and instrument panel, soft leather seats, ventilated front seats, and a power-adjustable steering column.

Trying out the 2017 Ford Fusion will impress you. Contact Mont-Bleu Ford to schedule an appointment.

2017 Ford Fusion Sedan Car

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